Time flies!

Wellhouse Door Knocking

It’s hard to believe I’m already a third of the way through my internship. And yet at the same time I’ve already had the chance to work on more than I expected to by the end of it. My internship schedule was designed so I can experience every aspect of work in an MPs office, while leaving flexibility to focus more time on the areas of most interest to me.

Casework has been the standout element for me. I’m really enjoying its variety – no two cases are the same. Plus I’m coming across cases I can relate to, either because I’ve had a similar problem, or know someone who has. It’s very rewarding to be able to advocate for or give a bit of support to someone when they feel like they’re getting nowhere on their own. The fact that so many in the East End know David and feel comfortable approaching for support is testament to the massive efforts he puts in to be as accessible as he possibly can. I love the fact that drop-in surgeries are currently happening in Asda, Tesco and local pubs too!

I’ve also had my head down in reports for much of this week, as I’ve been helping with some policy research. As a student, I’m quite used to this and actually really enjoy it. It’s interesting to cut through the spin and jargon from every opposing source and root out facts. The project we have been working on this week is collaboration between many MPs and has the aim of doing just that – making sure straightforward, factual information is easy for everyone to access.

Of course, I haven’t spent all week at my desk, as there’s always so much going on outwith the office to be involved in. I’ve been door-knocking to find out any issues constituents wanted to raise in Wellhouse, assisting at the surgery in Cranhill this week and accompanied David on a site visit to resolve a long standing issue in Garthamlock.

And finally, I’ve been doing some planning for a couple of events coming up in the constituency. The bar has been set pretty high by the success of the recent EqualiTeas afternoon though. So, if you see any advertised over the next couple of months, please, make me look good and come along 😁!